Acai - The tree of life

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Acai, also known as 'the tree of life' is a species of the palm tree is since long considered to be a healthy fruit and is cultivated largely in South Africa. The Acai berry is said to be rich in vital nutrients and vitamins aiding in the treatment of various diseases. It is for this reason that Acai has been crowned as a 'superfood'.

What is meant by the term 'superfood'?

Over the period of some years, there has been a notable decrease in the total nutritional intake in diet among people worldwide. The daily food intake that is currently being consumed does not have adequate quantity of minerals and vitamins. Some foods, fruits and herbs that have a high quantity and blend of various minerals and vitamins have been termed as 'superfoods'. These are very important for health and are recommended to be taken as regular dietary supplements. Amongst all superfoods, Acai is regarded to be the leader.

Acai: As a tradition

Since many years, the natives of South Africa, Peru and Brazil have treated Acai berry as a fruit with limitless health benefits. They have been using the fruit as a food and medicine. The Brazilians know the infinite uses and benefits of this tree and have named it 'the tree of life'. Acai is used to make purées, juices, medicines and food preparations as an ongoing tradition in the Brazilian culture.

What is Acai's composition?

Acai is known to have important properties that are good for health and vitality of the body. The fruit of Acai tree - the Acai berry is rich in essential minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorous and calcium. It also has the vital composition of vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and E along with many anti-oxidant properties. The health advantages of Acai being that it reduces cholesterol, protects the immune system, relieves from prostate enlargement, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improves cardiovascular health, a rich source of fiber, fights infection and high blood pressure.

Pure Acai Capsules

It is not needed to go to Brazil or the Amazons to benefit from Acai. Pure Acai capsules can absolutely prove as beneficial as the fruit itself as it is 100% organic and pure. Amongst all the Acai extract capsules available on the market, Pure Acai is proven to be the best as it has freeze dried pure Acai berry and that too in the highest concentration. Taking only 2-4 capsules a day would do wonders if taken on a regular basis.

How do Pure Acai capsules work?

These capsules help the body cover the deficit of vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins leading to a healthy life. On taking a dose, the capsules boost vitality and multiplies energy. Thanks to its rich content of vitamin C. it fights infections while vitamin A moisturises the skin, making it more glowing and beautiful. The presence of other powerful plant extracts such as sterols B-sitosterol and Campesterol helps in improving the condition of your heart and also improve digestion. Pure Acai capsules are rich in carbohydrates, giving you higher energy levels.

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Acai - The tree of life

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